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This tourist tour is the main tour in Buryatia. Travelling across Buryatia starts from visiting cultural and historic monuments of Ulan-Ude. Ulan-Ude possesses a unique cultural and historic heritage and since 1990 it is included into the Russian Historic Cities list. 234 objects of a cultural heritage are situated in this city: historic and architectural landmarks, monuments of art (11 objects of federal cultural heritage, 223 objects of republican heritage). The cultural life of the city is represented by the following institutions: 5 republican museums, 1 municipal museum, 5 departmental museums, 6 theatres, 8 cultural and leisure establishments and numerous musical and creative groups.

The excursion tour in Ulan-Ude includes visiting a historical part of the Soviet region, the most interesting objects of Oktyabrsk and Zheleznodorozhny regions. While walking near the historical center one can have a marvelous travel to bright pages of the three-century history of the city; one can make acquaintance with the most interesting art and architectural monuments, learn the history of large enterprises and cultural objects construction, visit pagodas and orthodox churches.

The excursion tour “Ulan-Ude is the capital of Baikal Asia” is the basic tour for guides. Different other tours are suggested on its basis, walking tours, bus tours and excursions for different categories of tourists (Russian and foreign; schoolchildren, students and adults). For example they include such excursions as: “From a stockaded town to the capital”, “On Bolshaya Nikolaevskaya Street or Lenin Street”, “Buddhist monasteries of Ulan-Ude”, “Orthodox churches of Ulan-Ude”, “Three-century old Ulan-Ude”, “Ulan-Ude on the Great Tea Path”, “Ulan-Ude during the World War II”, “Theatrical Ulan-Ude” etc.


Type of tour:

  • means of travel: combined: by bus, on foot
  • aims of visit: cultural and cognitive
  • duration: 40 km (5 hours)



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5 hours


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