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Arsagat is originally a Buryat village located 50 kilometers from the capital of Buryatia. Villagers carefully preserve traditions of their ancestors who came here from Olkhon the largest island of the Baikal.

Atsagat village became famous due to the construction of Atsagat datsan in 1825. Outstanding people like lamas Agvan Dorzhiev, Choinzon-Dorzhi Yurol-tuev and others made the datsan well known in Buryatia and beyond. The main temple, a school, a printing house, a library were built. In 1891 it was visited by Crown prince of Russian Empire Cesarevitch Nikolai II.

Dalai Lama XIV twice visited the holy place. Hospitality of local people has long been attracting tourists from many countries. Many outstanding scientists, medical doctors, monks came from the village. When coming to Atsagat you will visit ancient Shologotsky (Atsagatsky) datsan and hear a story of a thousand Buddhas. You can have a personal talk with a monk-philosopher and an astrologist, visit a memorial house - museum of Agvan Dorzhiev.

Among museums exhibits there are religious items, rare books, coins, ancient tankas (icons). There you can find the world's rarity, a copy of Atlas of Tibetan Medicine. At tourists' wish a visit to local people can be arranged to introduce them to the local life style, handicrafts, to taste dishes of local cuisine.


Atsagat village

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