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Old Believers culture is a unique phenomenon of Russian and world religious, socio-cultural history of Russian people. The way of life and culture of the Semeisky is characterized by unique material and spiritual culture, folklore, rituals, clothes and cuisine.

They put houses the way their ancestors constructed. Usually the household consists of three parts: the front yard fenced from the street, live-stock area and a garden. It is clean and everything is in order everywhere. In the yard you will find a well where you can get the coldest water in the hot afternoon. A very important building in the backyard is Russian banya (a kind of a sauna) where you will try a massage (beating) with a birch brush and taste cold kvas (local soft drink) made of burak (frozen beet root is dried in the oven).

The interior of the house is of interest as well with ceilings painted blue, framed photos of big families on the walls, handmade colored carpets on the floor and laceworks on cupboards. There are wooden benches along the walls and an oven in the middle of the house. The oven is a typical Russian one used for different bakery and cooking. Semeisky's cuisine is a special treat too. You will have tea from a samovar (a Russian tea-pot) heated with charcoal. You see it puffing and ready to treat you with tea. When guests sit round the table the hostess takes semeiski clothes out of a wooden trunk, a wedding gift of her mother and you will watch dressing ceremony.

First she will put on stanushka (undershirt), then a saraphan (pinafore dress), varicoloured with gay flowers, next comes a zapon (an apron) decorated with ribbons of different colors. Then she puts on a kichka (a head dress of a married woman), amber necklaces and here she is in her national dress. Semeisky have a unique singing tradition that has been assigned the status of Word Cultural Heritage. They usually get together in some house, have tea and start singing a long song in a choir of many voices. Their grandchildren are running around and learning customs and traditions from their parents and grandparent thus preserving Semeisky culture.

Those who would like to come and see these original, interesting people you are most welcome to Buryatia. In Semeisky villages Tarbagatai, Bichura (famous for its 17 kilometer long street), Bolshoi Kunalei and others you will be heartily hosted as most welcome guests.

Tel.: 8-3014-655-958,8-924-653-95-01.


Tarbagatai, Ulan-Ude, Bolshoi Kunalei

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