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Statue of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin

The statue of Vladimir Ilyich Lenin, the founder of the Soviet state, was opened on November 5, 1971, in the Council Square. The authors of the project are the sculptors G. V. Neroda and Yu. G. Neroda. The architects A.N. Dushkin and P.G. Zilberman developed and implemented in nature the architectural part. The project was exhibited in Paris and Montreal.

At an exhibition in Moscow dedicated to the realization of the image of V.I. Lenin in painting, graphic and sculptural works, the authors got the State Prize. The monument is located in the eastern part of the Council Square in front of the Government House of the Republic of Buryatia.

The sculptural image of the head of VI Lenin, cast in bronze, is set on a polished granite pedestal. The sculpture rests on a pedestal in the front part - as if at one point, as it is limited from the bottom by an oblique cut. The height of the sculpture is 7.7 meters, the weight is 42 tons, and the height of the pedestal is 6.3 meters.

The sculpture was cast at the Mytishchi stone-cutting factory. Three analogues of the monument are in Yakutia, Germany and Czechoslovakia. However, the giant of Ulan-Ude is the largest of its brethren. By order of the capital of Buryatia, the monument was specially cast from pure bronze. The government of the region was offered a choice of several projects, but it was this project that the authors were interested in. He was recognized as the best not only in the USSR but also at an exhibition in Montreal.

When the monument began to erect, it was believed that the complexity of the work is comparable to the construction of the Ostankino tower in Moscow. Earlier, before the construction of the sculpture, there was the Soviets Square, in the centre of which stood a monument to the fighters of the Revolution. In connection with the reconstruction of the square, this monument was moved to the centenary of Lenin.

The square was removed in one night, the trees were cut down, the square was asphalted and a sculpture of Lenin was installed. At the moment, the Council Square is a favourite place for young people, Ulan-Ude informal people gather here, tracers and skaters train here, cyclists ride.

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