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The Alexander Garden

On July 6, 2009, the Alexander Garden square was opened in the Gostiny Dvor (The Merchant Court). “The Alexander Garden” became beautiful and non-violating the history integrity monument.

There are two rows of the benches, flowerbeds and green lawns in the square. Builders made paving slabs and installed anti-vandal lights; they are going to install openwork fencing around the square perimeter.

The Alexander Garden has been restored within the historic boundaries of the Gostiny Dvor federal monument, in the southern part of the Gostinodvor Square. It was originally laid in honour of Alexander I around 1881. All solemn city events took place in the park. In honour of the 50th anniversary of the liberation of the peasants from serfdom, Russia sought to perpetuate the memory of Tsar Alexander II.

In 1911, Verkhneudinsk (the Upper Udinsk) received the highest permission to call the city garden as Bazarny Alexander Square.
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