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A Buddhist women's datsan (church)

The history of a Buddhist women's datsan «Zungon Darzhaling» is related to the name of His Holiness Dalai Lama XIV Tezin Gyatso, who visited Buryatia in 1992 and advised to open a Buddhist women's datsan to keep peace and accord between peoples of Buryatia.

The construction was initiated by a married couple Darima Sambuevna Tsyngueva and Dalai Anpilovich Budaev who invested their own money. In 1995 the site for the datsan was allocated, the design developed and the construction began. The same year monks from Buddhist communities «Lamrim» and «Dkharma» served a blessing ceremony and laid a sacred vessel «Bamba». Financial assistance was also rendered by the government of the republic and other organizations.

In 1998 the first Buddhist dugan (a chapel) was built. In 1999 several Buryat young women took the genima vow (women monk) from the Reverend Eshe Lodo Rinpoche.

The datsan under construction was also given a name «Zungon Darzhaling» (from Tibetan meaning «A noble, prospering monastery»). From that time daily khurals (praying ceremonies) for wellbeing of all living

creatures and country's prosperity were held. At the same time astrologists and emchi-lamas (monks practicing treatment) started their practice in the datsan. The official opening of the main temple was held on the Day of the City of Ulan-Ude on July 1, 2000. A great number of believers who actively supported the construction of the datsan took part in the event In 2001 Buddha Shakyamuni's big statue was consecrated and transported from St. Petersburg. The story of the statue is linked with the name of Agvan Dorzhiev who in 1913 brought the statue from Tibet. The statue was restored and 45 pages with different mantras, 65 kilograms of grain, and 9 different erdeni (jewels) were put inside. The blessing ceremony was served by the Reverend Eshe Lodoi Rinpoche.

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