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Ethnographic Museum of the People of Transbaikalia

An impressive exhibition in the Ethnographic Museum (the only one in Siberia and the Far East) reproduces the ethnic diversity of the People of Transbaikalia. The museum located in the picturesque area of Upper Berezovka.

Art Museum named after C.S. Sampilov

East Siberian "Hermitage" - this is how you can figuratively call the Republican Art Museum named after C.S. Sampilov. It is one of the leading museums in Eastern Siberia.

Geological Museum

Do you want to learn about the natural storeroom of Buryatia, want to know that it is fraught with innumerable riches? Visit the Geological Museum. Moreover, you will understand how beautiful and invaluable our Baikal region is.

National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia

GAUK RB (STATE AUTONOMOUS INSTITUTION OF CULTURE OF THE REPUBLIC OF BURYATIA) "The National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia", created in 2011, combines three museums: the Museum of History named after M.N. Khangalov, Art Museum named after C. S. Sampilov and the Museum of Nature of Buryatia. In 2013, the National Museum of the Republic of Buryatia attached the Novoselenginsky Decembrist Museum.

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