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Ethnographic Museum of the People of Transbaikalia

An impressive exhibition in the Ethnographic Museum (the only one in Siberia and the Far East) reproduces the ethnic diversity of the People of Transbaikalia. The museum located in the picturesque area of Upper Berezovka. Here, on the territory of 23 hectares, in practically natural conditions, the settlements of all ethnic groups of the region are shown as independent complexes:

  • archaeological,

  • Evenki,

  • Buryat (pre-Baikal and Trans-Baikal),

  • old Russian,

  • Russian Old Believers.

  • a city complex

  • the “corner of wildlife”.

Each of them is unique and interesting in its own way. A single open-air ensemble together with the natural landscape creates a true and diverse picture of the life and life of the Evenks, Buryats and Russians of the XIX-XX centuries. 

Each complex represents several types of dwellings with all outbuildings characteristic of different historical periods. The dwellings recreated the interior, reflecting the peculiarities of the culture of life of a particular ethnos in a certain historical period and belonging of a representative of this people to a particular social group, whether it is the burial of a noble Hunn or a shaman's shaman. 

The guests of the museum create a unique illusion of belonging to the exhibit, and throughout the entire excursion, itinerary does not leave a feeling of contact with the living history of the region. One of the attractions of the Ulan-Ude ethnographic museum is a corner of wildlife, which presents all the main types of fauna and flora of Transbaikalia. Here bears, wolves, roes, reindeer, tigers, elk, sable and other animals settled in the cages. In addition, the majestic camels, which young visitors like to feed, have found their second home in our harsh lands. 

Let the walk through the museum take a lot of good impressions, and the exposition itself will open for you a lot of informative and interesting, enriching your inner, spiritual world.

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