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Geological Museum

Do you want to learn about the natural storeroom of Buryatia, want to know that it is fraught with innumerable riches? Visit the Geological Museum. Moreover, you will understand how beautiful and invaluable our Baikal region is.

In general, the museum has about 100 thousand storage units - samples, thin sections, polished sections, cores and ores, books, paintings, collection passports, catalogues. In the exhibition halls (in shop windows and storerooms), there are minerals, crystals, ornamental stones, gold ores and collection materials from many regions of the former Soviet Union and the world, ores from the deposits of Buryatia.

In addition, samples of fossil flora and fauna from the Holocene to the Precambrian from all over Buryatia, passport collections and descriptions of thin sections, books of writers and poets - geologists, rare geological literature - the first studies, the first geological maps. In all the halls exhibited paintings, prints and murals by artists-geologists – there are 44 items.
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