Buddhist church «Rinpoche Bagsha»

Buddhist church «Rinpoche Bagsha» is located in Lysaya Gora, one of the highest and picturesque place in Ulan-Ude.

It was set up in 2000 by a venerable Eshe Lodoi Rinpoche and his supporters with the blessing of Dalai Lama IV as a Buryat republican public institution «Tibetan cultural center «Rinpoche Bagsha». In 2002 году it was renamed as Buddhist center Rinpoche Bagsha. Besides religious office services the center delivers training to everybody who would like to learn more about Buddhism.

In February 2004 statue of Buddha the largest in Russia and probably in Europe was brought from China and placed in the church. Its height is 5 meters.


Streletskaja-Straße 1