A complex of temples «Khambyn Khure»

It is the residence of Pandido Khambo Lama. It was set up in 1994 and situated in Verkhnaya Beryozovka.

It is a complex of several temples, suburgans (stupas), premises and back offices. The first temple, devoted to Kalachakra, a Buddhist diety, the highest of Yi-dams was built in 1998. Kalachakra -«wheel of time» in sanscrit, «duinkhor» (in Tibetan), «Sage khur - de» (in Buryat) represent secret, sacred teaching of Buddha Shakyamuni.

There is a faculty Duinkhor in the Kalachakra temple where students take the program of Namgyal-datsan (in India) and learn the art of Mandala creation which they build during annual «Dunkhoi» khural. In the temple there are also unique Ganzhur sutras - canonic texts of Buddha and his disciples, hammered and gilded sculpture of Buddha Shakyamuni, throne carved of Siberian pine, supported by eight lions and devoted to Dalai Lama XIV, precious gifts of sacred ingredients, Buddhiust icons (tankas), painted by mineral colors and devoted to 25 Masters of Shambala.

The main temple Tsogchen dugan was consecrated in 2003 году. Traditional services are held there according to Buddhist canons. Two stupas are built at the territory of Khambyn Khure datsan.


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